You Got that from Where?! 5 Amazing IKEA Hacks

You Got That From Where?! 5 Amazing IKEA HacksYou Got That From Where?! 5 Amazing IKEA HacksMy family's almost finished remodeling our kitchen. All that's left is finding a shelving solutions. After many late night searches, I've found some amazing IKEA kitchen hacks in the process. Here are 5 that will make you do a double-take and ask, "You got it from where?!"

LAIVA Reloaded LAIVA Reloaded 1. LAIVA Reloaded
Backs were added to two LAIVA shelving units to prevent items from sliding off this makeshift china hutch.

BRODER Kitchen Revamp BRODER Kitchen Revamp 2. BRODER Kitchen Revamp
Can you tell what this used to be? This BRODER office desk was transformed to house the the kitchen sink with this cool industrial-style hack.

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GRUNDTAL Shortened Pot Rack GRUNDTAL Shortened Pot Rack 3. GRUNDTAL Shortened Pot Rack
Not a lot of space? Store what you can! This GRUNDTAL wall shelf was shortened when the owner downsized to a smaller apartment.

VARDE Outdoor Stove VARDE Outdoor Stove 4. VARDE Outdoor Stove
Calling all outdoor chefs! This VARDE sink unit was hacked into something even better than a BBQ grill.

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HEMNES Daybed Turned Banquette HEMNES Daybed Turned Banquette 5. HEMNES Daybed Turned Banquette
This one takes the cake. Parts of a HEMNES daybed were turned into a cozy kitchen banquette.

- By Jan Halvarson
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