Guest Post from Rachel Greer, Author of "Words of Inspiration from Your Own Kind"

Rachel Greer was born in Milwaukeee, Wisconsin on October 25th, 1992. In her teen years, she loved to recite Maya Angelou poems in the after school activity of Forensics. Her favorite poem to recite was, Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou. She loved the confidence Ms. Angelou had. Rachel strives everyday to be the phenomenal young woman that she is.

Rachel attended a suburban school in the state of Wisconsin. She managed to graduate 1 year early from high school and pushed on to college. She currently attends a technical school in her area with desires to earn a Associate's Degree is Business Management. While being an freshman in college, she has the title of an Wisconsin Scholar.

Rachel is naturally ambitious, she looks for more ways to back up her mission and that's building an empire before she dies. Rachel feels she has a purpose for being put on Earth and everyone she will touch in some way or form. Rachel enjoys working, shopping, school, and real guys. As she would say, "I'm a robot, but still a bit normal." Rachel is a woman of her word, yet very dedicated to everything she's involved in. In Rachel's eyes, if you have faith and stay loyal; nothing's impossible and that way you may reach for the stars. This young woman really believes that the world is hers, and you only lose if you choose. One thing that makes her stand out is the fact that she won't let anyone tell her no when it comes to her ambitions and dreams. At this moment of time she says, she feel so alive. Rachel is indeed grasping every bit of her destiny.

Words of Inspiration from Your Own Kind is yet her proudest accomplishment.

The Footsteps I follow: Authors I admire

I'm an author of poetry, so a poet I truly admire is Maya Angelou. She has so much confidence as she writes. Poems such as, "Phenomenal Woman, Still I Rise, and The Million Man March Poem are all poems I have one memorized and recited in the activity of Forensics. Maya writes poetry with bold confidence, so I strive to fulfill her footsteps every day. I could never replace her, just come second after her. She's a profound African American woman that I truly aspire to be like someday. The poem titled, "The Black Society," resembles Maya Angelou's Million Man March Poem, because both poems stand up for the African American culture to strengthen them and let them know we shall overcome. I like to compare my poem, "My Own Motivation," to Maya's, "Still I Rise."

In both poems, it's empowering self assurance. Lastly, I have written a poem that's free to the public which can be viewed on Facebook (I'mRachelGreer), and it resembles Maya's, "Phenomenal Woman," and mine is titled, "Last Woman Standing." My poem is aimed more towards the strength in a woman's mentality versus confidence. Maya aim towards in her poem. Overall I've always said if I met her someday, I would love to let her know I'll fulfill her shoes in the modern version way though.

Even more fulfilling is I would love to eventually recite poems at weddings like she did in a Tyler Perry film. I also would love to someday have famous poems selected from my book like she did, and even possibly become a member of Oprah's book club, or Master's class like she is. I know poetry was her destiny, but it's mine also, and I just hope I live long as she has so the world sees.