Hall of Fame: 8 Stylish Hallway Decorating Ideas

8 Stylish Hallway Decorating Ideas8 Stylish Hallway Decorating IdeasWe pass through the hallways of our homes every day, but we don't give them the attention they deserve. Why not treat them like a room? With just a few touches, hallways can be both useful and beautiful. Here are 8 ideas to inspire your own hall of fame.

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Shades of Gray Shades of Gray 1. Shades of Gray
The cool, deep hues of this hallway look modern and classic at the same time.

Wild Walls Wild Walls 2. Wild Walls
In case classic doesn't get it done, a hallway is also the ideal spot to paste that bold wallpaper you've been lusting after.

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Map the Way Map the Way 3. Map the Way
The repeated maps on these walls reinforce the feeling that a hallway is a gateway to another place. The colors are soothing, too.

Big Light Big Light 4. Big Light
Wow. A magnificent pendant lamp illuminates this hallway and adds drama to a small space.

Art Gallery Art Gallery 5. Art Gallery
If minimalism isn't your thing, the hallway is the perfect place for a gallery of framed art in various sizes.

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Maximum Space Maximum Space 6. Maximum Space
A wide hallway is the perfect place to create additional closet space. Organization is eye-pleasing.

The Main Exhibit The Main Exhibit 7. The Main Exhibit
Placing a beloved piece of artwork at the end of a hallway make it a focal point and gives it the attention it deserves.

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Get Graphic Get Graphic 8. Get Graphic
If the rest of your decor is more conservative, a hallway is the perfect location to indulge your graphic tendencies with a bold rug.

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