Harness Capricorn's Motivational Energy to Raise Your Self-Esteem

Harness Capricorn's Motivational Energy to Raise Your Self-Esteem
Self-esteem -- it's the crucial foundation for everything you aim to accomplish. Whether it's healthy relationships, robust creativity, or financial security, if you don't believe in yourself, none of these achievements are bound to amount to much. Sure, it's possible for you to "fake it 'til you make it," but what you really want is meaningful mastery -- not just the outward trappings of success.

Popular culture, family dynamics, and your professional life create myriad challenges that can keep you from loving yourself with wild abandon. And when Capricorn dominates the skies -- as it continues to do until Monday, January 20 -- you're even more likely to be too hard on yourself.

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Capricorn, ruled by serious Saturn, can make you feel as if you're being criticized all the time. This powerful sign also has a harsh side -- one that can slam you back down to Earth when, like Icarus, you fly a bit too high.

During the remaining week of Capricorn's reign, your quest is to find that fine line between healthy self-esteem and hubris. If you befriend Capricorn's energy, you can achieve that perfect balance and enable your inner mogul to hit the big time -- and then some!

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The key is to turn off those negative mental messages in your head. It's as if the callous teacher who made you feel stupid in seventh grade is right there again saying, "You'll never amount to anything." When conservative, authoritarian Capricorn dictates the astrological matrix, these false messages only become louder and louder. Find a way to tune out those negative voices so you can tap into the higher power of Capricorn!

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