Hit the Roof: 5 Inspiring Rooftop Gardens

5 Inspiring Rooftop Gardens5 Inspiring Rooftop GardensRooftop gardens have become a hot trend, especially in New York City, where they seem to be popping up all over the place. Not only do they provide a tranquil getaway from the hustle and bustle of fast-paced city life, but they can produce food all year long. Next time you're strolling through the Big Apple, take a second to look up. You might spot a garden in the clouds. And if you've ever had the slightest urge to hop onto your roof and get planting, these 5 rooftop gardens just might inspire you to get started.

Eco-Roof Eco-Roof 1. Eco-Roof
Who says your rooftop garden has to look like it's on a roof? Eco-roofs are elevated patches of wildflowers and grass that look like they're in the woods.

DIY Planters DIY Planters 2. DIY Planters
Instead of pots and planters, this makeshift garden uses drawers and guitars to house plants. The look is quirky and stylish.

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Outdoor Dining Room Outdoor Dining Room 3. Outdoor Dining Room
A rooftop garden is the perfect spot for a dining area. It doesn't have to look shabby, either.

Infinity Garden Infinity Garden 4. Infinity Garden
Got a great view? Make your rooftop garden part of the scenery. This infinity garden blends right into Central Park.

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A Miniature Farm A Miniature Farm 5. Miniature Farm
When a community works together, a beautiful rooftop garden can produce fresh produce, from veggies to herbs, for everyone.

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