Household Cleaning Tips Some Homeowners May Look Over

Homeowners looking to impress their guests with a clean house need to be sure that all areas and rooms within the home have been properly and thoroughly examined and cleaned. Often many pieces of furniture are not properly cleaned either because they were simply looked over or they were attempted and no easier solution was available.

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Often time's homeowners will overlook some basic spots within the home that need to be cleaned prior to guests coming over or prior to a party. Although homeowners will clean everything to give the appearance of a clean home this may not always be the case if a closer look were taken. Luckily there is a solution; there are some great cleaning tips for those hard to reach places as well as those hard to remove stains from the home.

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Coffee table stains are one of the most common household cleaning issues that all homeowners face. This is because the coffee table is one of the most frequently used pieces of furniture in the home and therefore is much more prone to accidents and spills. Although most stains that end up on the coffee table are fairly easy to remove water stains can be one of the hardest. In order to remove coffee stains however, place a dry towel or rag over the water stain and using the steam iron over the water stain as if ironing a piece of clothing. Remarkably the water stain will begin to evaporate. Repeat if needed.

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For smokers removing the smell of cigarette smoke can be troublesome. This is because cigarette smoke sticks to everything that has fabric within it such as drapes, curtains, furniture, clothing, carpeting and even sofa covers. Begin by washing all of the fabrics in the house that are exposed to the smell of cigarette smoke and then spray down the rooms with scents that contain citrus. Cleaners and fragrances containing citrus actually do much better than other traditional cleaners and fragrances. Also, fill a bowl full of vinegar and leave out overnight this will also help remove tobacco smells and leave the house smelling refreshed and smoke free.

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Ovens can be extremely hard to clean especially for homeowners who do not already posses a self cleaning oven. Be sure not to use chemical based cleaners when cleaning inside the oven as this can have a negative effect the next time a meal is prepared in the oven. Instead, gather a bowl of hot water and a lot of baking soda allowing any stains or gunk in the oven to be soaked in the hot water. Once enough time has passed attempt to remove the stain or gunk by scrubbing with the baking soda. Repeat as needed until stain or gunk is all removed.

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Fireplaces are also very important to clean periodically as they can lead to a house fire if not taken care of properly. When cleaning a fireplace make sure that all the ashes and soot have been gathered, collected, and disposed of properly. Using a broom and vacuum clean as much as possible from the bottom portion of the fireplace as well as the top of the fireplace on the roof and access is capable. There are also special fireplace logs that can be burned within the fireplace that help dispose of harmful products inside the fireplace. Make sure that the spark arrestor located on the top portion of the fireplace is also secured back into place.

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