Jupiter Enters Cancer: Wisdom of the Feminine

Jupiter Enters Cancer: Wisdom of the Feminine
Last week, Jupiter finally left the sign of its detriment, Gemini, and moved into its sign of exaltation, Cancer. This means that Jupiter's finest qualities -- wisdom, expansion, opening -- will now express beautifully through the sensitive and nurturing waters of Cancer through July 2014!

After a year of doing time in so-many-choices-it-makes-your-head-spin Gemini, Jupiter's entrance into Cancer is a welcome shower of emotional healing -- a return to your gut instincts. Instead of spinning your wheels and never quite coming up with a viable answer, you can now delve more deeply into your core and connect on an instinctual level with what really nourishes your soul.

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Jupiter's transit into Cancer also represents a wonderful chance to connect with the wisdom of the feminine, as well as your lunar nature. The Moon changes signs quickly -- which in turn can change your mood quickly -- so it's easy to understand how Jupiter can bring so much wisdom in terms of navigating a constant sea of emotional change. Our human tendency is to cling to a favored mood, feeling, or cycle, rather than simply go with the inevitable ups and downs of the ever-spinning wheel of life. Now, however, you have an opportunity to better understand mood cycles, and to flow with how life naturally waxes and wanes.

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Another fortunate benefit of Jupiter moving into Cancer is that this transit helps form a Grand Water Trine with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Scorpio. All Water signs are set to benefit immensely from this fertile, creative triangle in the sky. The potential for healing old emotional wounds and being good mothers to ourselves (and others) is more pronounced than ever now.

Finally, this is a wonderful time to heal old family patterns, especially with maternal figures, so consider making an effort to tend to hurts that have been carried down through the ages in your family.

You're now being asked to come down from your head to your heart. Enter the deep wisdom of the receptive feminine flow!

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