Do I Just Ooze "Single-for-Life"?

I ooze Single. I know I do. And not just "single for right now", but for a long time. More than once, an old boyfriend has gotten back in touch with me after many years and, during our what-have-you-been-up-to conversation, they never ask "did you get married"? They ask about my job, my family, if I have a boyfriend, but I don't ever recall one thinking that I was now a Mrs.

Recently, I was talking to Dave, one of my exes, and we were teasing each other about various funny incidents that happened during our courtship (some a quaint word). A number of guys I dated wanted to marry me; this guy didn't. I wondered what was wrong with him for not even making the attempt. He told me one of the reasons.

We were talking about a mutual friend who was moving to a new city to marry her beau. Dave and I thought it would have made more sense for the groom-to-be to move to her city (long story), but he wouldn't so she was going there. Dave mentioned that, if I had been in that situation, he knew that the move thing probably would have been a deal-breaker for me. I hadn't said it, but I was thinking the same thing. Read more…