Last Quarter Moon Cycle: Embrace the Lessons of 2012

Last Quarter Moon Cycle: Embrace the Lessons of 2012
Today we have not only the last quarter Moon cycle of December, but also the last quarter Moon of the year. 2012 has been quite intense, so harnessing the power of this last quarter Moon cycle is crucial!

After weeks and weeks of sweeping changes and having your psyche overhauled by so much dramatic upheaval, you may be struggling to make sense of the year that will soon pass. Use this powerful last quarter Moon cycle to put the pieces back together -- and even create a new identity before the next new Moon occurs one week from today, December 13.

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This last quarter Moon is here to remind you that a cycle is ending, so if you feel this is your last chance to get certain lessons right, it may well be! You'll likely feel a strong incentive to leave all the pressures of the holiday world behind and simply return to yourself, if only at the very end of the day. At this time, you'll be asked to look at who you really are -- and what you truly want -- as 2013 rapidly approaches.

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Expect your strength to be tested now as you put into practice all you've learned since November 13's new Moon solar eclipse. Review the lessons of 2012. Which ones stand out in your mind? How have you changed? Where did you come from, and where are you going? In which direction do you hope to steer your life?

Impose your own stamp of action and make the best of this vibrant lunar energy!

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