My New Life

Hello,Been a week,today yucky,put in for unemply,proving job searches,then have to make more job searchesfor next claim.NO ONE is hiring,I put in for most any job.No answer,I even fixed up 2 resumes.Turkey Day this week,if we hadn't been invited for meal,we wouldnt' be able to have ,food stamps just don't make it,not if you want to eat for the rest of the month. Who was I kidding about going to Portland?myself I can't even afford the gas! I'm in a very scary mood 'tis the season for one's already precarious mood to swoop you away with really bad thoughts,ideations etc..Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day,Enjoy the food,family,&friends.that's it for this week.I'm trying to get ahead,want to work,need the money.Some way this is going to work out.I believe this!Please believe with me!! Gobble Gobble