Love Lessons from George Clooney's the Descendants

By Lauren Passell of HowAboutWe

I just saw The Descendants this weekend and thought it totally deserved all the buzz it's getting. Overlooking the only flaw, of course, that George Clooney cannot do ANYTHING to his appearance -- or wear anything nerdy-looking enough -- to make him look unattractive. It's impossible.

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I thought it was interesting that Clooney, who is known for being kind of a playboy, was cheated on by his wife in The Descendants, as he was in Up In The Air. In movies, it's usually the husband doing the cheating. Note to self: ask my psychic/dream interpreter/therapist what this means.

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Anyway, I loved how he bonded with his daughter over this. I loved how he reacted to this life-shattering event. You hear about this kind of thing happening (Lifetime has covered it several thousand times) but I don't think it's been done well enough to make me actually wonder what it would be like to lose the one person you love the most in the world, the person you decided to marry, only to learn that they were f*cking someone else. Now excuse me while I go make George a celebrity crush valentine. Do you think he prefers glitter or doilies? Or both?

Neve has a piece on Love Lessons From The Descendants:

First, there's King's extreme shock, which some of us know from experience is right on the money. Everything he knew about life is now upended. Then, he faces the gauntlet of having to tell all concerned parties and absorb their shock - and, often, their misdirected anger. Because in a society that largely (and stupidly) thinks it can outwit death, if you're the one who tells people your partner is dead, you become a reminder of what looms for them. And some, like King's father-in-law (Robert Forster), will mistake the bearer of bad news for the one who caused it.

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