Man and How Stupid He Is


This is how I feel and I am going to tell you excactly why I feal this way! Well it is because of all the things I have seen and learned in my life, and here are just a few.

Well I have learned that if you have money you can have the power to help or destroy or help, but most people with that kind of power use it for destruction, the often hurt others in one way or another. As someone said once, that power corrupts and it corrupts absolutly.

We are destroying our inviroment, the oceans, air, and land, we polute the water and air, and we are cutting down all the trees and digging up and destroying the rest of it. Useing the excuse that we need the land to grow things or need the minerals for so many uses. and we never seem to fix any thing. what a shame.

We have lost so much that it is not funny. We do not even know all of mans history all we can do is guess. For instance places like stonehenge, the great pyramids all over the world. and many more of the strange things that are out there.

We can"t even feed the billions of people that live here on planet earth. If someone tryes to send food supplys to help, the rich and powerfull just confiscate it and use it the way they want. Our fresh water supply is dwendling fast. I believe that it will be too poluted to drink within 20 years or maybe less.

We have already caused so many species on this planet to become exstinct, by polution or out right killing them. and once we have destroyed this planet we will go with it. no more human race.

Just because we have television, computers, and cell phones and can fly into outer space. does not make us smart. just stupid because we use these things and do not pay attention to our surroundings. or we close our eyes to what is going on around us and in the rest of the world. And the rich know this. we should not let the world be like this. If we were as smart as people try to believe that we are. we would not be in this perdicament in the first place.

As I have said there are lot of babies born every day and their are lots of people being killed every day. oh the cruelty of man. We need to wake up and do something about that today. Not tomorrow or the next day but now.

There are some people that want to try and correct the problem but they just dont have the resorces to do so. And the people in power just dont want to do that not realy if they did that then they could possibly loose their power and they dont want that to happen now do they.

Even religions are corrupt. so many of them dont do as God or the creator wanted us to do in the first place. here in the USA the churches want only to help them selves, and not their communities. they stay in their worship centers and fellowship with one another and unless they feel guilty they dont go our and help anyone. For example there is a church within 3 miles of my home. They do just that. the reason I know this is because I was in destress one night and I was under the church sign crying one night after my son hurt me and while I was there some people came up and yelled across the parking lot and asked if I was ok, but I was crying so hard I could not answer them so they decided to call the police.

Well this cop was kind enough to take me home. and I asked why he was called out to have me arested. well he said that they were told that someone was trespassing on private property. Well Is a church private property? I dont think so It is Gods house and he did say come all ye that are sick and heavy laden.

Well as the police officer was takeing me home he said that I was one of the only people that has had any problem there. So I decided to go talk to the preacher, and the first time he said that the area around the church has a lot of bad people, and they have had problems there. and that just upset me so I left. he had also said he went all the way to kentucky to preach, yet he said I should go to a church closer to my home. and not his.

The next time I went back the curch service was just getting out, and the preacher was still up at the pulpet talking to his boys. all the times that I went to the church on one asked me to attend any of their services. and that night was the same. I decided to walk right up to the pulpit and talk to the preacher. you see between the first and second time I went in to talk to him I had heard from a few other people in the area that the church did not want to help them either. in fact the preacher told a mother of 3 that water was not a necessity. now that is stupid. without water you can die within 3 days.

Well as I was talking to the him I told him all of this and told the rest of the people that were still there that I was ashamed and that I was sure God was too. The last words I said there was that I would not be back and when I left I was going to wipe off my feet at their door. and said their sins were upon their own heads. shame on that preacher for what he has done. He is supposed to be the shepard and teach the about God and that he wants us to help people the best we can. oh what a mess.

That just shows how wicked and stupid humans can be. Those are just a few examples of how stupid and cruel we humans are.

Other religions are just as bad. muslims, etc. there no exceptions. or non that I have ever seen. hate, selfishnes, murder, and so many more things. that we do It is a wonder why God has not completly destroyed us already. I wish we could all get along could understand and love each other instead of being so stupid and hateing one another.

Well I have learned that love is devine, loving and being Inlove is the one most important thing in this world and through out the known universe.