Mars Enters Pisces: Dream into Action

Mars Enters Pisces: Dream into Action
Now that Mars, the planet of war, has moved into the squishy and sensitive waters of Pisces until March 11, you'll find your energy and actions becoming a bit mushy and amorphous, to say the least. This signals a welcome reprieve after the intense, cold-blooded killer energy of Mars in Aquarius. Compassion is back in action now, and you'll find yourself led back to your heart and sensitivity.

There's something obscure, dreamy, and poetic when Mars operates in watery Pisces, the sign of the imagination. Your fighting spirit may feel waterlogged at the moment, but you'll have no problem turning within and viewing your life through a more cinematic scope. In fact, the more you channel your energy in accordance with your creativity, the less victimized you'll feel.

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Beware, also, that Mars in Pisces loves to throw a good pity party. It's all too easy to get lost in a world of "poor me's" during this transit, so be ready to engage in healthy, energetic outlets for your vulnerable side. Music and dance are especially cathartic now, as is spending time near a large body of water to calm your nerves and swim off any ill feelings.

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The downside to this transit is the wishy-washy and indirect -- if not downright deceiving -- qualities of Pisces. People are more apt at this point to play emotional games and attempt to seep under your skin, rather than outright tell you what they want. It's best to avoid getting into negative expressions of Pisces' sensitive energy.

Finally, watch out for the movies you create in your head about yourself and others now. The imagination is especially vivid at this time, so it's smarter to paint, dance, or write than make unnecessary waves!

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