Mars Retrograde: Hit the Brakes and Make Revisions!

Mars Retrograde: Hit the Brakes and Make Revisions!
Get ready to reflect and make important revisions to your life now that highly energized Mars has slowed to a stop and reversed direction! Mars goes retrograde once every 18 months for about three months at a time; in this instance, beginning this past Sunday, the warrior planet has turned retrograde in detail-oriented Virgo through April 14.

This period will call attention to lots of little things in your day-to-day existence. Precision will be key to how successfully you command your life until mid-April. Expect delays on many of your projects and plans, so use this extra time to review the myriad details of your life.

Energy levels are likely to fluctuate during this time, so when inspiration strikes, be sure to go for it! On the other hand, if your motivation seems to be at a low ebb, don't hesitate to rest.

Virgo is a feminine Earth sign and encourages a gentle approach to life. Just remember that it may be necessary to speak up in order to have your ideas heard!

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So, which parts of your life will be most affected by Mars's current retrograde period? Check your sign below for more!

Health, wellness, work, daily life, pets.

Creativity, children, romance, sports.

Home, family, domestic life.

Communication, self-expression, local neighborhood, short trips.

Finances, values.

Sense of self, identity, physical appearance, attitude.

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Spirituality, retreat, hidden self.

Friendships, group connections, community causes, social issues.

Career, public roles and reputation, professional plans.

Study, travel, philosophies, beliefs, faith, international trips.

Shared finances, debt, tax issues, investments.

Relationships, client connections, romance.

This Mars retrograde is sure to impact each Sun sign in a different way, but the message for each remains the same: Slow down, deal with the details and revise your plans where necessary!

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