Mercury Enters Aries: Shout First, Think Later

Mercury Enters Aries: Shout First, Think Later
After enduring two months of murky miscommunication mayhem in foggy Pisces, Mercury is ready to move into the straight-shooting fires of Aries for the next few weeks, beginning April 13. Hopefully you've learned to feel with your brain and listen like a psychic when words fail, because with Mercury's recent retrograde in Pisces, verbal failure was certainly a daily affair!

Miscommunication almost always leads to tension and complications, so you'll be happy to hear that the airwaves are about to become much more clear. You'll be able to speak your mind -- and speak it loudly -- while having no problem declaring your wants and must-haves.

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The main problem is that you (and most everyone else) may become more likely to shoot your mouth off without thinking first. Conversations could quickly escalate with the snap of a finger, so take care to watch your words and make sure you don't add fuel to fires. Expect any placid approaches to take a back seat as hotheads scream and shout when they don't get their way.

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Mercury's transit through Aries, the zodiac's sign of action, will be an excellent time to say what you mean without any sugar-coating attached. Cut to the chase in your conversations -- patience and tolerance for rambling will be in short supply during this phase.

Finally, take steps to think independently. If you want respect, don't look for approval for your thoughts or opinions. Death to the victim mindset -- Mercury in Aries screams, "I am that I am!"

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