Mercury Enters Capricorn: Wisdom Prevails

Mercury Enters Capricorn: Wisdom Prevails
Last week, Mercury left the hotheaded energy of Sagittarius and moved into the earthy terrain of Capricorn, where it will remain through January 19. Mercury is now no longer in a swapped-signs dialogue with Jupiter in Gemini, which thankfully takes some of the pressure off communication and makes it less likely that you'll shoot your mouth off without thinking first!

Although the movement of quicksilver Mercury into the sign of wise elder Capricorn may at first feel a bit stodgy, you'll find that if you work with it, you'll recognize the tremendous value of applying more caution to your thoughts and verbal expressions. This is a time of contraction after Jupiter's strong influence of expansion, so instead of aiming to shoot between the eyes with words, now is an ideal time to consider long-term repercussions regarding your integrity.

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Mercury in Capricorn also provides an excellent chance to mentally apply yourself to your work, as well as to elevate your worldly ambition. You have the patience now to be a sharp problem-solver, and you're more likely to apply a more pragmatic mindset to all your correspondence. The restrained energy of this transit makes it easier to focus, but pessimism and even cynicism are potential byproducts of its influence, so you may have to work harder to retain your optimism.

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Mercury in Capricorn also prods you to analyze whether what you're doing is worth the mental energy expended; if so, take advantage of this transit's steady, hardworking foundation. Finally, be aware that Mercury in Capricorn simply cannot stand waste. Less is more right now, so do all you can to limit idle chatter and gossip in your daily life.

Remember to pause and reflect before reacting, and let wisdom prevail!

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