Mercury Enters Scorpio: Secrets and Scandals

Mercury Enters Scorpio: Secrets and Scandals
Tomorrow, October 5, sees Mercury move into Scorpio through October 28, so forget about making small talk and make sure your lips are sealed! Scorpio is all about keeping secrets and taking them to the grave. Now more than ever, confidentiality is a must when dealing with matters of sex, life, and death.

Once Mercury -- the messenger planet that rules your mind and communication style -- enters Scorpio's deep and psychological waters, it's time to dig into life's mysteries and uncover any and all scandals, for better or worse. Under this cosmic influence, issues that may normally feel too off-limits or controversial now become perfect conversation topics. Superficial topics (and responses) will be shunned, so be prepared to go deep into the heart of matters.

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Mercury's move into Scorpio also represents an excellent opportunity to expose any repressed feelings, fears, or power struggles that have been conveniently swept under the rug. On the flip side, this transit can also provoke some of your greatest fears -- especially loss of control if you allow your mind to wander into worst-case-scenario territory. Tread carefully.

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However, if you employ the highest octave of Scorpio's potential and use its influence to delve as deeply as possible into your own transformative potential, you'll reap the true benefit of this crucial transit; the same will hold true if you use your mind for healing and creativity, rather than destruction.

This is a time to get to the bottom of critical matters so old psychic fixations, habits, grievances, and fears can be relinquished -- and your mind can be reborn anew!

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