Mercury Retrograde: Think Before You Speak!

Mercury retrograde: think before you speak!
Expect rampant foot-in-mouth syndrome during Mercury's retrograde period in Sagittarius, November 24 - December 14. Not only will you be more inclined to speak before you think, but even your most innocent comments could well be misconstrued. Snafus galore will be par for the course during this transit -- and under the domain of the Archer, your blunders will be all out in the open!

At times like this, humor can go awry, so make sure your jokes translate and are not ill-timed. Missives that seem hilarious to you may fall flat -- or worse, seem offensive to the receiver. Consider your words carefully and weed out anything that sounds brash, judgmental or preachy. One minute, you may think you're just horsing around; the next minute, you've alienated someone.

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Also keep in mind that you're more likely now to fall into the mightier-than-thou trap, so it's best to avoid politics, religion and other touchy subjects until Mercury moves into the more conservative terrain of Capricorn on December 14. Right now, it will be all too easy to fly off the handle and react in a fiery, opinionated manner, even over things that may have transpired ages ago. After all, Sagittarius often blurts first and thinks later!

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Sagittarius is the sign most synonymous with overkill. Not recognizing when it's right to say no, as well as overestimating your capacity to handle a multitude of tasks and responsibilities, will be the main dangers of this transit. Not only is over-scheduling a common compulsion during this time, but with Mercury's retrograde influence, it's all too easy to double-book and find yourself committed to several people and things during the same time slot. Better to own up to your mistakes honestly -- and make amends immediately -- rather than opt for any covert cover-up schemes. Honesty is your best policy as long as you learn to temper your words with love and compassion. Think before speaking ... and then, speak kind truths.

As with all Mercury retrogrades, avoid making major commitments you can't keep, and steer clear of signing contracts or investing in big purchases. It's easy to overestimate the value of things under Sagittarius's eternal optimism and rose-colored glasses.

Finally, look to the area in your chart ruled by Sagittarius to see where you need to be extra-mindful. This is an excellent time to review, revamp and revise your existential philosophy!

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