Mercury Squares Jupiter: Delusions of Grandeur

Mercury Squares Jupiter: Delusions of Grandeur
As if the murky and intoxicating influence of Mercury in Pisces isn't enough right now, the stars now offer a challenging aspect from Jupiter, a planet struggling to find truth in the gossip-laden dual sign of Gemini. Confusion streams forth from both of these placements, and now that they're in cosmic play, don't be surprised if your mind tries to go a bit off the deep end!

The best way to navigate this exaggerated influence of temporary insanity is to take everything with a grain of salt. For starters, you'd be wise to not believe all that you hear, read, or see. Better yet, question everything and wait until after March 17 (when Mercury ends its retrograde and goes direct) to make any major decisions, let alone pass judgment or jump to any half-baked conclusions. You'll see gossip and backbiting on the rise under the spell of Mercury and Jupiter, so watch your tongue and make sure you don't fall prey to the temptation to verbally malign others.

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It's also likely that you'll see people get carried away with their own ideas, opinions, and paranoid delusions, no matter how obviously ludicrous they may appear. Keep your sense of humor intact as you lose count of how many absurd notions are offered as some kind of gospel.

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The potentially positive side of Mercury's and Jupiter's influence? Take an opportunity to go within and challenge your own illusions or self-deception. In what ways might you be lying to yourself? Are you undermining your own truth? If so, how? These are important questions to ask yourself amid all the nonsense sure to swirl around you!

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