New Moon in Aries: Blazing Passion!

New Moon in Aries: Blazing Passion!
It's always good to strike while the iron is hot ... and tomorrow, expect things to turn red-hot! April 10 brings no ordinary new Moon -- this Aries newness will be turbo-charged with love, passion, and urgency.

New Moons often tend to be a time of lower energy, but Mars and Venus team up with tomorrow's fiery lunation to light a serious fire under everyone! Look to the Aries section of your horoscope to see where you can expect this jump-start. If you've been waiting for the signal to finally take that brazen leap, the time is definitely now. There's no reason to hang on -- all the planets are screaming, "Jump!"

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Also nudging you along is the action-oriented push of Mars in its home turf (Aries) to help you walk your talk -- or better yet, run with it! Add to that the grace of Venus sweetening the deal and softening the landing, and you've got quite a sexy combination!

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If you prefer to play it safe, this is not your new Moon. This is, after all, a time for action and adventure -- a tremendous opportunity to return to your most primal instincts. Trust your fiery gut without letting your mind interfere with rationalizations or second-guessing. Your inner warrior is at the ready and will not take "no" (or even "later") for an answer. Start with anything and everything that terrifies you. Once you begin, the momentum will kick in like a burst of flames.

The slamming pulse of the Moon-Venus-Mars trifecta won't allow for any hemming and hawing now. Blaze ahead!

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