Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Redemption Time

Neptune Retrograde in Pisces: Redemption Time

Neptune -- the planet responsible for submerging you into dreams, illusion, glamour, and delusions -- went retrograde in its home turf of Pisces last Friday. The next 22-plus weeks now present an opportunity to confront any areas of your life where you've been living in denial, so the time is right to examine your favorite modes of escapism, as well as any potentially deep emotional caves you've been avoiding.

Neptune's retrograde is an ideal time to connect back to your spirit and your unconscious in a powerful way. You're more likely at this time to turn your mind away from logic and reasoning, and instead towards creativity, mysticism, symbolism, and subtle energy. If you have strong Pisces, Neptune, or twelfth house energies in your birth chart, you'll feel this shift profoundly and may even become overwhelmingly sensitive.

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It's a good idea to avoid (or at least cut down on) alcohol and caffeine during this time to remain as grounded as possible; also do everything you can to avoid chemicals, as well as any addictive people, places, and things. Due to your heightened sensitivities, it's also wise to steer clear of toxic and draining situations, for boundaries are not strong right now. It's likely you'll feel more permeable to influences around you, so be mindful of what you're letting into your energetic sphere.

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On the brighter side, this is a beautiful time for healing, compassion, and accessing your visionary potential. Enjoy special access to the higher realms of creativity, as well as subtle art forms and healing arts. Empathy, spirituality, mysticism, the invisible, dreams, archetypes, and surrendering your ego to something higher are all prevalent themes for the second half of 2013.

Take advantage of Neptune's strength as you embrace it for all its redemptive potential!

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