Never Fear - DIY Man is Here! Celebrate Comic-Con with Cape Cup Cozies

Super stylish!Super stylish!Are your kids comic book fans? Mine sure are. Filled with humor, adventure, and valuable lessons, what's not to love about the timeless tales of good vs. evil? We made these superhero-inspired cup cozies in honor of Comic-Con International®, now underway in San Diego. They're a playful nod to the caped superheroes of our favorite comics. And the best part is that kids can help design their very own cape.

Glue or Hot Glue

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1. Fold felt in half. Measure 1 inch from top to make your first cut. Cut 5 inches toward the center of the felt. Stop. Cut a diagonal line 3.25 inches down. Stop. Turn scissors 90 degrees and cut to middle again. Unfold the felt and you should have a cape shape.

2. Now it's time to design your cape cozie. Choose shapes, symbols or letters. Affix them to the cape with glue. Sew a button on one end and cut a small button hole on the other.

3. Place around cup. Note: These are not meant to insulate or protect from hot beverages since the cape only covers one part of the cup.

- By Jennifer Cooper

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