Outside the Jewelry Box: 10 New Ways to Store Your Gems

Outside the jewelry box: 10 new ways to store your gemsOutside the jewelry box: 10 new ways to store your gemsJewelry and organization are two words that don't always get along. I've lost some of my favorite pieces, because I couldn't figure out where to store them. Then I discovered all these clever ideas that didn't involve a jewelry box or putting items in some "special place" I later forgot. If you dread searching for your favorite earrings or untangling necklaces, check out these 10 new ways to store jewelry

In a Book In a Book
1. In a Book
I'd like an entire library of these. This is great for hiding valuables.
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In a Frame In a Frame
2. In a Frame
Your necklaces and earrings are too pretty to put away. Use an old frame to display them.
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On a Bust On a Bust
3. On a Bust
You can buy a bust, or you can customize one to look like you. If you have a lot of jewelry, you'll need a few.
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In a Tray In a Tray
4. In a Tray
It's easy to turn a wooden tray and some spools into handy jewelry storage.
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In Tea Cups In Tea Cups
5. In Tea Cups
Keep your jewelry drawer organized using pretty tea cups and saucers. You can get a pretty collection of cups at thrift stores.
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In a Drawer In a Drawer
6. In a Drawer
Here's a drawer everyone can peek in. Use an old vintage drawer as a way to display jewelry.
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On a Rake On a Rake
7. On a Rake
Yep, you read that right. Use a vintage rake as to store your jewelry without it getting tangled.
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On a Tiered Tray On a Tiered Tray
8. On a Tiered Tray
Why didn't you think of this? That extra tiered tray you have can come in handy in an unexpected way ... and place.

In a Vintage Cigar Box In a Vintage Cigar Box
9. In a Vintage Cigar Box
Here's a lovely way to keep rings in a row. The outside of the box is such a nice contrast to all the baubles inside!
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On Hooks On Hooks
10. On Hooks
If you're worried about tangling - or just want to show-off your bling - using single hooks spaces out jewelry and makes it look like art.

- By Jaime Morrison Curtis

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