Give Your Partner a Birthday Party Their Sun Sign Will Never Forget!

Give Your Partner A Birthday Party Their Sun Sign Will Never Forget!

Does your partner have a milestone birthday coming up? If so, are you wondering how you can give them -- and their Sun sign -- a celebration they'll never forget? Learn more now!

Aries won't appreciate a quiet family dinner with elderly relatives. No, they'll prefer a rowdy party with all their favorite friends and games aplenty. Rent a roulette wheel, get out the dartboard, and bring in a pool table. Food should be easy to grab, because your convivial Ram will be in constant motion all party long. A raucous barbecue would be ideal.

Taurus needs to be indulged, so amazing food and fancy drinks should be the main priority. Decorate the party location with plenty of flowers, classy tablecloths, and velvet cushions. After all, Taurus just loves to be pampered!

Gemini isn't concerned with having a fancy bash. Rather, what would warm their heart most would be to invite every friend they've ever had (and there'll be a lot). Those who can't come should be asked to write a birthday note or send a text. Interacting with good friends will rock Gemini's world on their big night.

Invite every last relative of Cancer's extended family to make the celebration truly special for your Crab. Close friends also count as family, so expect to have a long invitation list. Cancer will adore an elegant evening, whether it's at a sophisticated restaurant or simply at home.

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Leo will definitely want glitz, glamour, and a gilded throne to celebrate their significant birthday. That said, they're also worried about growing old, so the party's emphasis should be on prime-of-life -- and not age. Family is important to them, and so are influential friends. Just make sure you don't invite anyone who'll steal Leo's spotlight!

Since they tend to shy away from the spotlight, Virgo will insist you do nothing to commemorate their big day. So, simply don't tell them! Be sure, though, to give them a specific task at their celebration, be it pouring drinks or circling around with hors d'oeuvres. Virgos are not natural stars, but they appreciate exciting events and stimulating company.

Libra adores elegance and extravagance, so it's crucial that their birthday is an amazing event at an awesome venue -- a local pub or bowling alley just won't do. Don't cut corners when it comes to decorations, and make sure that the food and libations are the best of the best!

Scorpio prefers small family gatherings or one-on-one candlelit dinners, but they'll still appreciate a big salute to a big birthday. Casual acquaintances aren't their thing, so ensure only close friends and relatives are invited. Keep the decor understated, and play some sexy music for cheek-to-cheek dancing.

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Your Sagittarius will appreciate an exotic theme -- think Far Eastern chic, wild music, and foreign food. Also, remember that they won't want to sit through a long dinner since they like to circulate. Finally, keep the invitation list wide and mixed, as they bore easily and prefer constant stimulation and variety.

Capricorn is traditionally minded and status-conscious, so make the occasion respectable and, of course, in very good taste. Guests should be instructed to arrive formally dressed for this very special celebration, which should possess a hint of grandeur -- or even more than a hint!

Though they dislike grand parties, Aquarius enjoys large gatherings of friends. An open house or garden barbecue would be perfect, and a bonfire would be an end-all for them. They'd also appreciate a live chat with friends in far-flung places, plugged into a large screen for everyone to see. The dress code should be appropriately zany.

Pisces can get edgy in crowds, so soft lighting and friendly faces are a must, while music (live, if possible) is key for their big fete. A themed party, such as the roaring '20s with a Great Gatsby sensibility, would make your Pisces quite elated.

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