Get the Picture: How to Create Your Own Photo Booth-inspired Wall Art

How to create your own photo booth-inspired wall artHow to create your own photo booth-inspired wall artWho doesn't love a photo booth photo strip? Wouldn't be cool if you could "life size" it and place it in your home? This DIY Life Size Photo Booth Photo Strip is easy to make and perfect for adding personality to your home. I'm all about DIY Wall Art. Anything I can create myself that looks great and creates a personal touch, always makes me happier.

I love where I've got it hanging for now, but my original plan was to replace my son's art wall in my hallway with 3 of these. Now that he's 14, and not producing school made art, the art wall has been neglected and looking rather sad. Placing 3 of these DIY Life Size Photo Booth Photo Strips of him and my nephew are the perfect replacement. It's quirky, original and it makes us all happy!

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My son and nephew are very close, but only see each other a couple of times a year since they live in different states. I recently surprised my son and flew my nephew out for my son's birthday! I thought it would be perfect to do a quick photo shoot for this project. I stood them in front of a door for a solid light background and started shooting. They had enough silliness to give me the shots I needed. (Note: When When taking photos of 2 people, get them to be as close together as possible. This will insure both subjects will be visible in the cropped photo.)

Here are the instructions for this super-simple project:

What you'll need:
13 x 48 plywood (I had my local hardware store cut it for me)
Saw tooth picture hanger
Black paint - Flat black or acrylic (not oil based)
Paint brush & drop cloth
12in x 12in photos (This can be scaled down to 6x6 in or 8x8 in photos if you like)
Spray Adhesive or E6000 glue (small paint brush if you're using E6000)
Soft cloth

1. I had my local hardward store cut my plywood into the size I needed. If you're using four 12x12 inch photos, you'll need a piece of plywood 13x48 inches. Paint it black. Apply the saw tooth picture hanger to the back using E6000 glue.

2. After you've taken your photos, edited them into black and white, you'll need to get them developed into a 12x12 inch size. I used Costco and had my photos in one day. I used PicMonkey to edit my photos.

3. Apply either the spray adhesive onto your dry painted plywood. (do this outside since it is highly flammable - do not do inside a garage) Since it's best to use spray adhesive in temps of 65 - 95 degrees and outside, and I'm in the PNW, I thought I'd try E6000 glue. Using a small paint brush, I gently applied the glue to the corners and middle of the back side of each photo.

4. After you've applied adhesive to the back side of your photos, gently place your photos one at a time onto your painted plywood. Using a soft or microfiber cloth, rub gently. Repeat with all photos until you're finished. Leave your art piece laying flat for 24 hours to allow the adhesive to set.

Hang and enjoy!

- By Kim Demmon
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