Pintrocious or Pinspirational? Lazy Girls' Guide to a 20-Minute, Festive Cheese Ball

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The cheese ball pins we set out to tackle.

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Fri, Dec 21, 2012 1:40 PM EST

The holidays are approaching quickly like the end of the world (Wasn't that supposed to happen?). Shine set out to tackle a popular pin on Pinterest, so you wouldn't have to find out if this was just another Pinterest fail or success (a rare occassion, in our opinon). In need of a quick, crowd-pleasing appetizer for a holiday dinner party, we chose the popular pinecone cheese ball. We combined the festive look of a cheeseball re-pinned hundreds of times on Pinterest with a super easy recipe from a cheese ball that used pecans instead of almonds. Would we succeed with a tasty, festive cheese ball to share with friends, or would we have another Pintrocious monstrosity on our hands?
- Ali Swank and Tracy Stientjes