Pipe Dreams: 7 Decorative Uses for PVC Pipe

7 decorative uses for PVC pipe7 decorative uses for PVC pipeI can't say I've ever visited the plumbing aisle of the hardware store, but these projects using PVC pipe are making me think it's about time to stop on by. Working with PVC may not be for the casual crafter - most projects require cutting the pipe with a saw - but the results are amazing! This round-up ranges from decorations for your home to organization staples. I think you'll be buying this inexpensive material soon, too!

Fun Frame Fun Frame
1. Fun Frame
This frame would make quite the statement in your house with little cost. Use differently-sized pieces of pipe and stagger them throughout the frame. Make sure to wear your safety goggles - this craft calls for a miter saw!
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Mirrors Mirrors
2. Mirrors
Dress up plain, round mirrors with slices of PVC pipe. You get an interesting and sophisticated look with an open, neutral feel.
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Pegboard StoragePegboard Storage
3. Pegboard Storage
This idea would work great for a number of organizational needs: in the garage, the office, or for your craft space. This peg board adds a clean, yet tough, look wherever you decide to hang it.
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4. Vases
We love the mix of tough and industrial with soft and feminine here. This looks like a simple project, and I love the paint colors they chose.
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Play TentPlay Tent
5. Play Tent
This is only the frame for the tent, but add some sheets or a custom-made fabric tent, and you've got an instant fort. We like how you can tweak the dimensions to your liking - and pay way less than if you purchased a similar tent at the store!
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- By Melanie Blodgett

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