From Playdates to Date Night: 8 Backyard Tents for Summer Fun

8 Backyard Tents for Summer Fun8 Backyard Tents for Summer FunBackyard tents and forts supply summer days (and nights!) with endless opportunity for imagination. This summer, make the most of your yard and your time off with these ways to create instant fun and memories right at home. I've gathered together 8 delightful finds below to inspire your backyard fun, click through and check them out!

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Keep It SimpleKeep It Simple1. Keep It Simple
It doesn't have to be elaborate, just a fun little spot to read and play!

Whimsical EscapeWhimsical Escape2. Whimsical Escape
Shooting for whimsy? Use colorful quilts and patterned sheets to create a true haven for relaxation and creativity.

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Free PeopleFree People3. Some Assembly Required
Not into DIY? Order this cute tent by Cath Kidston, one of my favorite textile designers.
Get this tent

Teepee DIYTeepee DIY4. Teepee DIY
Here's a great tutorial on how to DIY a back yard teepee, so fun!
Get the tutorial

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Date NightDate Night5. Date Night
Here's a fun twist on a backyard fort. Why not do date night at home by creating a little escape right in your backyard? Such a fun idea!

Moonlight MagicMoonlight Magic6. Moonlight Magic
Make your backyard tent magical by hanging a few lights for ambiance at night. These mason jars are a sweet touch.

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Backyard EscapeBackyard Escape7. Backyard Escape
Wouldn't it be fun to create a backyard escape just like this one? Set an old boy scout tent on a platform and make it happen!

Laid Back LifestyleLaid Back Lifestyle8. Laid-back Lifestyle
Sometimes it's as easy as hanging a tent over the clothesline.

- By Gabrielle Blair
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