Poinsettia Holiday Garland DIY

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas... and I couldn't be happier.

A while back, I came across Oh Happy Day's DIY for flower garland using cupcake wrappers and string lights, and decided that I would give it a Christmas spin. This is such a fun and easy project - definitely one you can do while catching up on TV or just relaxing to some Holiday jams. (I'm quite partial to this one.)

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For this project, you'll need: string lights (I got mine super cheap from Target), white, red and green cupcake wrappers (both small and large) and scissors. There is a box cutter shown, but it was too heavy-duty for the thin wrappers. Was easier to just use the scissors! Also--make sure you have enough wrappers for all the bulbs on your string lights.

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To make the "leaves": fold a green cupcake wrapper into four sections and then clip the corners, making a point.

To make the "petals": take a larger red/white cupcake wrapper and fold it so that you have eight sections. Clip the corners just like you did with the green wrapper, making a point. Follow the same steps for the interior petals, using the smaller size red/white wrappers.

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If you happen to have an audience for this project, graciously thank them for their attention and patience.

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When you unfold all your leaves and petals, arrange them like this! Pretty.

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Cut two small slits in the center of each flower and leaf, and then carefully slide them onto the bulbs one at a time. I found that it was easier and quicker to snip the wrappers with scissors (after I folded them the appropriate amount of times and cut away the corners) at the bottoms. Then when you unfold the wrappers, they're ready to go onto the string lights. No X-acto knife/box cutters necessary!

Now that you have the basic steps down, repeat until all your lights are adorned. The pattern I created was this: red poinsettia, small white flower (using only the small white cupcake wrappers), white poinsettia, small white flower, red poinsettia, etc. I encourage you to create your own though!

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Such a simple project that's festive, cute and simple. I hope you give it a shot!