The Prettiest IKEA Hack for Your Living Room

-By Ellen Foord for
IKEA, transformed!Raise your hand if you love IKEA. Their fine products are in almost every room in our house, so my devotion to the hallowed ground of IKEA runs deep. A friend who's never been inside of our house recently saw a photo from one of my posts and made the delightful, however misguided, assumption that we were … ahem … of significant means, which we are most assuredly not. We are a family on a capital B-U-D-G-E-T. Hence my adoration of IKEA - they do modern-beauty-on-a-budget right. But what do I love even more than IKEA? The amazing ways in which savvy DIY-ers have customized the furniture. Yep, I dig IKEA hacks big time. So much that just this weekend I hacked my own BOKSEL Coffee Table.

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So sad. So short. So stationary.Unfortunately, the wheels were non-locking. So any toddler/dog/sleepy adult could end up taking the coffee table for a ride with the least bit of effort. Aforementioned toddler and dog did this with relish many, many times. So often was our coffee table rolled around the room that the toddler stopped being careful and then very quickly learned how ouchy it can be when a coffee table rolls over your toes. Bye bye, wheels.

The same tapered lines of Mid-century modern table legs, but with a protective base and the right price point. …The coffee table was too short to sit on the ground, so I needed some new legs. I wanted something with a hint of Mid-century modern, and found these at my local Lowe's.

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I added an element of retro texture with some gorgeous smock wrapping paper under the glass pane, installed the legs with flat brackets and stepped back to admire my first honest-to-goodness IKEA hack.

IKEA + DIY = IKEA HackingFor now, I'm leaving the legs unfinished. I'm into the white + wood contrast for the moment. I can hack my hack later if I change my mind.

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But enough about me. What are your very favorite IKEA hacks from around the web?

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