Productive Things to Do While Watching TV

Cross a few simple tasks off your to-do list while watching your favorite TV shows.

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By the end of the week, the last thing we want to do is to tackle our to-dos. As important as it is to give full attention to big financial decisions and anything that requires real math, we'll confess that we often try to knock off our more menial tasks in front of the television. Nothing like killing lots of birds with one televised stone.

Here are 13 to-dos to do while you pay a visit to TV Land:

Newton Daly/Getty ImagesNewton Daly/Getty Images Make Plans for the Weekend

Finish hammering out your weekend schedule. Email any last friends you need to so that your plans are all settled.

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Aaron Graubart/Getty ImagesAaron Graubart/Getty ImagesSort the Junk

Sort the paper on your desk into two piles: (1) Junk to recycle and (2) important things to deal with later.

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JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty ImagesJGI/Jamie Grill/Getty ImagesClean Out Your Inbox

We all have emails that have been sitting in our inbox for ages, even though they don't require more than five minutes to deal with. While you watch TV, answer all of your not-so-complicated messages. Then, simply choose a time in your calendar when you'll sit down to deal with the more time-consuming emails. And stick to it.

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Epoxydude/Getty Images Epoxydude/Getty Images Organize Your Email Folders

Now that you've answered some of your basic correspondence, go through your inbox and split everything left into folders labeled as priority, to do later, and archive.

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Jupiterimages/Getty Images Jupiterimages/Getty Images Plan Your Meals

Plan lunches that you can pack for the next week. If you order your groceries online through a service such as FreshDirect, create your grocery list online.

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