Put Nightmares to Bed: DIY Dreamcatchers for Kids

DIY DreamcatchersDIY DreamcatchersMy six-year-old son started complaining that he had bad dreams, and he asked for a dreamcatcher. Well, I've never made dream catchers, but I immediately saw the opportunity to make one of our own.

There are so many ways a dreamcatcher can be made! I wanted a very colorful one so I came up with this design, perfect for a girl! But you can always change the colors and ornaments for your boy.

1 metal ring (5" diameter)
3 rolls of different-colored twine
Colorful feathers
Pre-cut foam shapes in the same colors as the twine


1. Cut about 10 feet off one of the twines and roll it in a little ball. Using the end of this twine, tie a knot around the metal ring.

2. Roll the twine tightly around the metal ring. Cover all the metal.

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3. When you've reached the knot, tie another knot and cut the twine, leaving enough to hang the dreamcatcher.

4. To start making the "web" of the dreamcatcher, use a different color of twine. Roll about 2 feet of twine in a little ball. Tie a knot at the beginning of the ring (where the hanging part is) and then loop it around the whole ring several times. Make it slightly taut.

5. After you have gone around the whole ring, go in again and loop in the same way on the middle of each previous loop. Continue around the ring.

6. After you have finished this second time, cut the twine and and tie it in with a new color so you can start 2 more webs around the ring.

7. Tie a knot when you are done and cut the twine close to the knot.

8. Time to add feathers and ornaments. Tie knots to the tip of the feathers and hang the twine on the bottom part of the ring. Glue 2 foam pieces of the same shape together, adding the twine in-between, then hang it from the bottom of the ring.

9. Add at least 4 hanging ornaments and feathers, using twine of all different lengths.

- By Dariela Cruz
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