Putting Pinterest to the Test: How to Make an Industrial-style Holiday Wreath

Are Pinterest tutorials really possible to follow? Are Pinterest tutorials really possible to follow? Wondering if that gorgeous holiday craft on Pinterest is actually doable at home? Sometimes, the pins on a craft lover's social media platform look too pretty and elaborate to actually conceive of doing it yourself. And the instructions? Well, sometimes they sound so simple, pulling them off seems too good to be true.

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In this video, one couple puts Pinterest to the test with a festive pipe-wreath craft. After all, 'tis the season to bake, decorate and DIY, so what better time to put your creativity skills to the test? Watch the video below, and find out just how easy (or hard) it is to pull one of these Pin-worthy pieces together.

- By Brooke McLay and Eldon Kartchner
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