Real-Life Kitchen Makeover

Thomas LoofThomas LoofReal Simple brings some order to a cluttered kitchen.
By Nicole Sforza

Wendy Odabashian (pictured here) found her old, 50s-style kitchen only about 50 percent functional-and often overtaken by clutter. Real Simple recast it as a calm cooking and command center, where family flow and food prep could live in peace.

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Thomas LoofThomas LoofAfter: Sleek Outside, Clever Inside
Spotless surfaces.
With interior-cabinet space maximized, counters stay clear for cooking. A clean white refrigerator, free of photos and notices -- it holds only caddies for pens and paper -- opens up the room; it's like adding a window.

To buy: Memo center and cup, from $10,

A stove that fits better. Wendy's old, 30-inch stove didn't fill the space (there was a five-inch gap on each side). This commercial-style model is wider and serves as a sparkling focal point. Under lower cabinets, aluminum toe kicks replace peeling wood baseboards; they match the stove, the vent hood, the cabinet pulls, and the countertop edging to unify the room subtly.

To buy: Fisher & Paykel 36-inch European gas range, $2,499, for stores. Perfekt toe kicks, $15 for 88 inches,

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Lively hits of red. The new overhead fixture plays into the kitchen's retro vibe and draws the eye up, making the room feel taller. The indoor-outdoor rug widens the narrow space, like horizontal stripes on a sweater.

To buy: Newbury fixture, $141, for info. Willoughby rug, $178 (four by six feet),

Powder blue walls are an unusual choice for a kitchen, but they make the gray painted cabinets (original to the house, complete with some chips) blend in rather than scream to be replaced.

To buy: China Blue Aura paint No. 2052-60, $60 a gallon, for stores.

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Thomas LoofThomas LoofBefore
The narrow spice cabinet was near the front door, where the family needed a spot for pocket-emptying. The nook on the right was a dumping ground for a slew of random objects.

Found in (and tossed from) Wendy's kitchen:
* 1 manual for a long-gone toaster
* 2 pairs of cracked mirrored Vuarnet sunglasses, circa 1980
* 6 keys to mystery locks
* 5 CorningWare tops (no bottoms)
* 18 insulated mugs
* 23 spices, some brought back from Mexico 15-yes, 15-years ago

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Thomas LoofThomas LoofAfter: Hidden and Open Storage
Stash zone.
A puzzle-tight pattern of hooks and holders utilizes every inch of this cabinet (spices were relocated; see next page), with spots for keys, cameras, scissors, and glue. Wendy keeps school directories and other papers that formerly cluttered the refrigerator in the wall pockets below.

Message center. A wall-mounted organizer and a kitchen cart make a non-area work hard. Wendy uses the bulletin board to hold to-dos and gift cards. The small bamboo newspaper caddy is also ideal for to-be-mailed bills, and key rings and money clips can stick to its magnetic surface.

Purposeful pantry. The family goes through a lot of cereal; clear bins let Wendy know when to restock. A charging station keeps gadgets juiced, and a hand vacuum rescued from the garage is at the ready. Wine bottles previously scattered around the kitchen stay secure in a floor rack.

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To buy: Bekväm cart, $60, In cabinet: Formbu key racks, $16.50 each,; Wall pockets, $25 each, Above cart: Umbra bamboo organizer, $14.50, for info.; Daily System Office organizer, $54,; Corkboard, $34: for stores. In nook/pantry: KangaRoom charging station, $25,; Handled containers (cereal), $7 to $10,; Desk organizer with drawer, $60,; Letter bin (on wall),; Cru wine rack, $180,

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