Really? a Porche Design $3,000 Bong?!

Porsche-designed bongPorsche-designed bong

Porche Design Group, which was founded by the grandson of the original founder of the Porsche automobile and designer of the 911 model, has long catered to well-off and design-discerning men with its high-end, cutting-edge luxury lifestyle goods. So, how does that account for one of its latest creations, a sleek, high-tech-looking $3,000 "hookah," which is, in essence, a bong? In San Francisco this week, a salesperson explained that a lot of Porsche Design's inspirations come from what's happening and selling in the Middle East. Hookah pipes are certainly part of the cultural fabric there. But is this the latest gadget to improve wealthy American mens' tobacco enjoyment? Hmmmm.....

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