Sagittarian Style: Best Looks for Your Home

Sagittarian Style: Best Looks for Your Home
Sagittarius is a sign that loves to celebrate and make an exuberant splash. No wonder we want to deck the halls with light displays and sparkly ornaments once the Sun makes its annual entrance into the sign of the Archer!

But there's more to Sagittarian style than visible holiday cheer. In fact, there are numerous ways you can integrate it into your home all throughout the year.

If you've opted for an open-concept or loft-style home, you already share this freewheeling sign's sense of wide-open interior space. Easy maintenance is also crucial so you can have more time for other things ... such as planning your next big party!

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Furniture placement should allow for movement -- perhaps even a spontaneous workout session or game of Twister. The Archer may even have a dedicated games area, space permitting.

If you share a Sagittarian passion for travel and collecting souvenirs, why not show them off? Just be aware that this naturally eclectic sign is often blind as to why an African mask collection might be incongruous when set upon a colonial mantelpiece, so do your best to confine yourself to only those items that have special meaning and a distinct cultural influence.

In the kitchen, this sign probably invented the counter that doubles as a place to grab a quick bite. Sagittarius folks often eat on the run or even standing up (like their symbol, the horse). They also know how important function is, so aim to create a space where you'll be able to whip up drinks and snacks on a moment's notice. And in the dining room, there should always be room for one more guest -- however last-minute -- around the table.

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The trend towards incorporating designer dog beds into living room decor was probably invented by a Sagittarian. This sign loves animals and considers any pet an important part of the family. Of course, a true Sagittarian home will have a low-slung door to enable kitties and pooches to come and go freely!

If you can create a home with an open and friendly atmosphere made for spontaneous entertaining, you've given it a distinctly Sagittarian style. Above all else, it should be a place where everyone feels at home!

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