Saturn Direct in Scorpio: Inward and Onward

Saturn Direct in Scorpio: Inward and Onward
Today, taskmaster planet Saturn stations itself direct in the dark and fixed waters of Scorpio. Saturn has been retrograde since February, and during this time, it's asked you to integrate into your life all the change and loss that began as early as last October.

Saturn rules the structures inherent in your life, as well as your integrity and any day-to-day issues such as business and bills. Now that you've had a solid five months to digest the lessons of Saturn's lengthy retrograde period, you're about to be asked to put all that wisdom into practice. Look to the houses Saturn rules in your birth chart to identify any areas on which you'll especially need to hone in.

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This is a time to own your inner authority and make changes that will ultimately empower you. If you were (or are) your own boss, how would you promote yourself to the next level? It's time for a serious evaluation. What are your strengths and weaknesses? Where do you deserve rewards, and where could you improve? How can you best tap into your resourcefulness? Do you know when to let go and when to persevere? Are you loyal, committed, and determined despite odds and obstacles? These are several questions Saturn is now set to ask -- and that you'll need to be prepared to answer.

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Commitment and integrity are primary values now. Saturn means business, so any and all flakes will quickly be removed from the playing field. Get clear on your boundaries and your bottom line in honor of Saturn turning direct. There's no time to lose or waste now -- time is the most precious commodity!

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