Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: Bringing the Darkness to Light

Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio: Bringing the Darkness to Light
Are you ready to turn your dark matter into gold? Saturn is in the midst of a long retrograde sojourn in Scorpio through July 9, during which the cosmic taskmaster brings darkness to light.

Scorpio is a fixed Water sign that runs deep, so you can expect layers upon layers to contemplate throughout the next four months. As with any planetary retrograde, your task now is to go within and integrate any lessons you've absorbed since early October, when Saturn began its reverse journey -- it's likely there's been an awful lot of shedding of dead skin since then.

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With Saturn moving in the same constellation as the north node and in mutual reception (swapped signs) with Pluto, Scorpio's usual themes of death and rebirth apply now -- only tenfold. Don't hesitate to spend more time than usual in your own underworld, although be aware that this transit will create a considerable amount of stress and pressure as you examine your own fears and insecurities. If you're doing your Saturn work, you may find that you're not even close to the same person you were last October.

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Saturn requires great patience and endurance to see lasting results. If you're not doing your Saturn work, depression, fear, and anxiety can often creep in. Consider how you feel after a prolonged period of procrastination -- this is the essence of Saturn's squeeze on your psyche.

Look to where Scorpio and Saturn fall in your natal horoscope, as this will reveal the areas of your life in which you're being most tested. Be sure as well to immediately attend to any emotional disappointments that lurk in your own psychic underground.

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