Seven Ways Astrology Can Help Make Your Easter a Hopping Success!

Seven Ways Astrology Can Help Make Your Easter a Hopping Success!
This coming Easter Sunday, spring fever hits a euphoric pitch as the stars sparkle with opportunities to celebrate life anew. Here are seven astrological ways to align yourself with the fresh vitality of this spirited holiday!

1. Jump ahead in your mind.
Planning for Easter can be a little tricky, because among all the major holidays spread throughout the year, Easter's date is always the most unpredictable. For those wondering why the date of Easter varies from year to year, it's a matter of astronomy: The holiday always falls on the first Sunday that follows the first full Moon after the Vernal Equinox.

2. Bounce into fantasyland.
As if the whole idea of searching for rainbow-colored eggs that once belonged to a magical bunny weren't whimsical enough, the Aries Sun and Mercury in imaginative Pisces encourage a fantastical approach to your Easter celebration this year! Eggs no longer need to be confined to baskets; rather, they can go in wreathes or garlands. They can also be made of paper mache and glitter glue, or even wound-up crepe paper with surprise treats and trinkets wrapped inside.

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3. Take a leap of faith.
Though popular Easter rituals are borrowed from pagan tradition, many religious people hold this holiday among the most sacred days. Regardless of your religion, the introspective and spiritual Scorpio Moon favors a taking a few solemn moments to honor your own belief system and keep it holy.

4. Go bounding into nature.
Easter is to spring what Christmas is to winter. But instead of a fir tree, this is the time to revel in the ecstasy of tulips, the glory of lilies and even the whispered grandeur of grass. Nature is truly alive now, and the more you appreciate it, the more alive you'll feel!

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5. Hop into hunting mode.
The Scorpio Moon pretty much guarantees that not all eggs will be found by the end of the hunt. But what you don't find with your eyeballs on Easter, you may smell in subsequent weeks! Have fun with the mysterious Scorpio Moon by hiding unexpected treasures.

6. Skip breakfast.
Who needs it when you're properly geared up for a nice, big brunch? Enthusiastic Jupiter in practical Taurus will guide the feast in an enticing direction, while fun-loving Venus in curious Gemini will ensure the conversation won't disappoint.

7. Let your heartstrings go "boing!"
Sure, Easter is largely about family and faith. However, it's also about experiencing spring's overwhelming feeling of renewal. What better way to do that than to fall, at least a little bit, in love this season?

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