Don't stress the mess: Simple tricks for moms to keep the home organized

To say that a mom’s life gets busy and chaotic is an understatement. Keeping organized around the house can often be overwhelming – or simply, the last thing a mom who’s running around taking care of the kids, wants to worry about. Today’s episode of “The Shine” highlights effective tips and tricks to give any mom’s home an organization boost so she doesn’t have to stress the mess.

Let’s start with the cleaning routine. Household chores can build up quick, so, embrace a “cleaning in progress” mentality. Instead of cleaning the entire house once a week, tidy up and clean as you go. For instance, if you’re on the phone with a friend or watching your morning news program, spot a “mess” and tackle it then and there.

And there’s no better way to ensure quick fix cleaning then a cleaning tool that moms everywhere swear by –liquid wipes! Keep a canister handy in every room of your house that is prone to dirty surfaces like the kitchen, bathroom, even the living room. Tuck it under a table linen or hidden behind a decorative piece. They’re easy to grab for a quick swipe of clean at any moment any time you need it.

When it comes to laundry, the piles can really add up when you have a brood of kids. To stay ahead of the laundry cycle in your house, wash, fold, and put it away -- right away! It may take time to get into this routine, but give it a try. You'll save time and cut down on the clutter.

And with plenty of stains from kids spilling their food to playing outside, moms need a detergent that will get the job done. We suggest Tide’s Vivid White & Bright, plus Boost, which contains no chlorine bleach, so it’s safe for all your machine washable clothes.

Last but certainly not least, who said moms had to be the only ones doing all this cleaning to keep the house in tip top shape? To create a Mecca of organization, delegate chores to the kids! The best way to do this is to create a bulleted list on large construction paper and hang it on a wall or door with high visibility (like inside the front door or across from the couch where the kids watch TV). Assign certain days of the week when each child fulfills their household responsibilities.

What’s your secret to keeping your house looking clean and organized all week long? Post in the comments below and let us know.