Six Spooktacular (and Cheap) Ways to Decorate for Halloween

By Home Styling Expert Katie Meyers for

candylicious Halloween vasecandylicious Halloween vaseHalloween is all about buying candy, creating costumes, and filling your house with spooktacular décor. But setting the scene for ghouls and goblins doesn't have to be scary!

By using these budget-friendly ideas, you'll be surprised at how easily you can set a hair-raising scene for Halloween.

1. Incorporate iconic Halloween candy. Not only is candy corn an easy and inexpensive way to add a festive punch of color to your home, but you can also find it almost anywhere this time of year!

Fill a glass-cylinder vase three quarters of the way with your favorite treat, and top with a white votive candle.

Or, pick up candy corn votive candles like the ones below for only $1, and create a centerpiece by grouping them together on a black tray in the center of your table.

Pier 1 Candy Corn Votive, $1.

2. What's old is new again for Halloween. Dig up old items and bring them back to life as décor for your mantel or front porch by painting them with black spray paint. You can also find similar unique items at local thrift stores for less than $5. Get the kids involved by asking them to think of innovative ideas using objects around the house. For example, leftover condiment bottles can be painted and displayed as "witch's potion."

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3. Make treats (not tricks!) for friends. For a fun DIY project at home, follow these steps to add a whimsical touch to cupcakes or drink stirrers for a Halloween party.

4. Put a spin on inexpensive party favors. Not only can you buy a pack of black plastic spider rings for a few bucks, but they can be used for much more! Intertwine them into your dinner party by cutting off the ring portion and gluing the spider to the outside of a pillar candle. Another option - use them as a napkin ring holder to set the tone for a Halloween themed dinner party!

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5. Be creative! Use what you have from other seasons. A bright vase that is typically reserved for holding summer blooms can be converted into something equally fitting for Halloween. Display flowers with deep purple hues or tie a black ribbon around an orange vase.

6. Serve foods or drinks in festive Halloween shades. This time of year, colors like orange, black, white, crimson and purple are customary when decorating and fortunately, they're easy to take advantage of! If you're throwing a Halloween bash, serve signature drinks such as orange "pumpkin spice ciders," red "monster martinis," or black "witch's whisky."

Stirrings Blood Orange Cocktail Mixer, $7

After your house is decked out for Halloween, it's time to put on your costume and brew up some fun with your friends and family!

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