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Songza Desktop AppBy @eyespy57

Songza, the expertly curated android, Kindle Fire, iPhone and iPad music application, that plays the right music at the right time. Songza makes the mundane everyday even better! One might say "That's why we have Pandora." EYE SPY is here to break it to you, Songza is way better than Pandora. Does Pandora offer playlists for normal everyday activities such as "Sitting in Traffic" or "Girls Night Out"?

Songza eliminates the math from picking a music choice. All you have to do is select a playlist titled with exactly your current state. Are you BBQing? Trying to fall asleep? Training for a marathon? Songza has a playlist for all that and much, MUCH more! EYE SPY is hooked and has recently found that Songza is the ideal music application that is soon to take over and set new standards.

Songza has officially gone international launching in Canada while acquiring a celebrity fan out of native superstar Justin Bieber. Bieber was recently introduced by tweeting "so @alfredoflores just showed me @songza for workout playlists. Why didn't any of my 26million best friends show me this?"

Most recently, Bieber posted this latest tweet:
Justin Bieber is a huge fan of the SONGZA application.EYE SPY had an opportunity to chat with Songza creators, Elias Roman and Peter Asbill, to discuss this amazing new app. What a privilege it was for us. Both Elias and Peter are the ideal CEO team with such passion. Let's dive in and share with you our interview.

Exactly, what is Songza?

Roman: A music concierge, we provide expertly curated music. We believe the right music at the right time makes the day better. When you're singing in the shower Songza is there to back you up. Songza is there to motivate you to get you the gym. Songza is an easy access to the soundtrack of your life.

Songza was recently launched in Canada. Why Canada?

Roman: We opened doors to Canada due to a lack of other streaming services as well as Canada's shared musical heritage culture. It was our first step outside of the USA. Canada does not have the same services as the USA. Compared to PANDORA in the USA we feel our service [Songza] is different because these services are about music access to certain albums. Ours is about the right music for the right time. We hold hands and bring minimal effort to listening to music.

How is the site changing lives and why?

Roman: Our fundamental belief, which is what we always refer back to is, we don't think people listen to music just to listen but listen for specific reasons, to enhance moods, to fall asleep faster, to sit in traffic. There is always a reason to enhance what you are doing. We are Connecting. We present playlist to be easily paired what you are actually doing, and looking for.

Could you give an example of how to use Songza?

Roman: Here is a great example. It's Tuesday evening, you're home from work, thinking about what to do for dinner. You think "I want music that is upbeat but not too aggressive kids are here," maybe Adele, we get right at the heart of what you are actually doing. Cooking. Dancing in the kitchen, we have three awesome playlists. No mental math, make two taps with your thumb.

What are some reactions from fans?

Roman: Directly people are talking about the following playlists…

Songs that will keep me focused before I get some more coffee.

Songs that make running so much more enjoyable.

Songs that make me wish I had a longer commute.

Asbill: Feedback is what we love more than anything! My favorite came from a young woman who had a bunch of girls over to get ready for a girls night out. The young woman got a ton of complements, she came off like she made the playlist. She said it was like ordering take out and pretending she cooked.

What do Songza fans have to look forward to?

Roman: Sleep timer, help sleep better at night. It will turn off after 30-90 minutes. People will love it! It will be the last app they use at night. Also fans may look forward to a Songza Alarm clock, they can wake up to their favorite songs. Fans may also look forward to more celebrity-designed playlists! Currently, to name a few we have celebrity-designed playlists such as Counting Crows BBQ, and Unwinding with Brandy.

As a new fan of Songza, EYE SPY agrees that this new app has made our lives better and less complicated. We all want to have a life soundtrack. We also want no interruptions! Our last bit of insight that tops our list about this new application is .... Q: What makes Songza even better? A: No audio ads!!

Songza is available for your iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.

To check out more behind this awesome new app, check out their website:

Songza on iPhone