St. Pat's Magic Vases

By DIY Diva Malia Martine Karlinsky,

'Magical' Vases 'Magical' Vases What's magic about this St. Pat's Day project? With just 3 items (one of them free), you can transform jars destined for recycling into something lovely for your home.

Supplies: Glass Jars (make sure they have a "smooth" side-- no writing), Puffy Paint and Green Spray Paint. Some glass jar suggestions: ball/mason jars, jam, peanut butter and baby food jars.

Wash, clean and dry jars. If you are having a hard time removing the label from the jar, try squirting some baby oil on it. "Draw" a simple design or word with Puffy Paint. A shamrock is easy to make -- just draw 3 connecting hearts. Create a four leaf clover by drawing 4 connecting hearts.

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Other fun "St. Pat's" words to add to a vase... Luck or Lucky.

Let them dry. The Puffy Paint bottle recommends 4 hours, but that's meant for fabric. I let them dry overnight.

Spray paint the bottles in a well-ventilated area. Use 4-5 light coats of paint, allowing each layer to completely dry. Pop some pretty (and inexpensive) flowers in and you have a lovely display or centerpiece for your home.

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