Stars for the Stars: 2014 Celebrity Horoscopes

Read the 2014 celebrity horoscopes by Master Astrologer Jeff Jawer.

Everyone loves to watch the stars, whether they're twinkling in the sky or on the red carpet. So here's the inside scoop on what to expect of your favorite celebrities in 2014. How will Jennifer Lawrence handle a career setback? And what shocking news will Kim Kardashian receive this fall?!

You can get your own personal Big Picture Yearly Forecast to find out what lies ahead for you in 2014, and read on to see what's in the stars for the stars -- as well as for your own zodiac sign.

Zooey Deschanel (Capricorn)

Quirkier than a typically down-to-earth Capricorn, Zooey Deschanel is likely to reflect the ambitions of her practical zodiac sign by taking on a new business role this year. Starting her own production company and working behind the scenes on others' projects is a way to raise her status in the entertainment industry. 2014 offers relationship opportunities, especially during the first half of the year, for Capricorns who are gentle enough to appreciate the gifts of emotionally sensitive partners.

Lauren Conrad (Aquarius)

Reality star turned fashion designer Lauren Conrad appears to be a pretty clever Aquarius, but she still could run into a financial squeeze this year. Strict Saturn challenges her Venus to bring up bottom-line issues that could require cutting costs and add a serious tone to her romantic life, which may require her to make some tough decisions. Idealistic and intellectual Aquarians will probably discover that practical realities and stubborn individuals need to be dealt with before dreams can come true.

Robin Thicke (Pisces)

The resurgent career of smooth Pisces crooner Robin Thicke will keep on rolling during the first half of 2014. Generous Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, sweetly supports his Sun to keep those hits coming. But some musical experimentation later in the year requires him to take creative risks that may not appeal to all of his fans. Romance should be moving in a favorable direction for Pisces until July. Making the magic happen requires emotional honesty that threatens to burst bubbles of illusion, though.

Emma Watson (Aries)

We can expect Emma Watson's acting career to continue booming in 2014, even if she has a professional setback in the first half of the year. However, lucky Jupiter's shift into bold Leo in July favors her fiery Aries Sun, which could lead to even bigger success. A big romance in the fall can make a splash, but her long-term chances for fulfillment with it are questionable. Aries individuals who are patient enough to do some careful planning could reap big rewards before the year is over.

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Megan Fox (Taurus)

Earthy Taurus Megan Fox may be reaching a critical point in her marriage later this year. Normally, her persistence and loyalty can hold a relationship together when conditions are shaky, but unless she and her hubby make a major breakthrough (like having a baby), changes are likely to be on the way. Taurus individuals who think they can settle into a comfort zone will be challenged by other people, as well as challenging circumstances that require them to sacrifice safety to fulfill their personal and professional needs.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (Gemini)

The Olsen twins, who are also Gemini Twins, have the potential to spread themselves too thin this year. Cutting back on a number of projects is smarter than letting others run their diverse business activities for them. A trusted individual could prove to be less reliable than expected. Geminis, in general, may face some tough decisions this year, especially when it comes to work. Setting priorities and focusing on the most critical task may not be exciting, but it could be necessary to stay afloat.

Selena Gomez (Cancer)

Born in the last hours of the Sun in Cancer, Selena Gomez gets the benefit of a major Jupiter transit this year. The planet of growth, good fortune and optimism hits this key point in her chart in July, taking her career to an even higher level. Her challenge will be to make the best choice among several professional opportunities. All Cancers, in fact, benefit from generous Jupiter during the first half of 2014, as they gain more attention, come across more confidently and attract reliable and respectful partners.

Jennifer Lawrence (Leo)

Jennifer Lawrence, the delightfully open and honest breakout star of 2013, is a talented Leo who takes her work -- but not herself -- too seriously. Yet, when stern Saturn comes into the picture in September, her flawless career could run into obstacles, delays and even some criticism. These kinds of setbacks are not on the calendar for all Lions, though -- especially those born in the first half of the sign, who will bask in the glow of love, creativity and recognition when fortuitous Jupiter enters Leo in mid-July.

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Jimmy Fallon (Virgo)

The pressure of taking over "The Tonight Show" shouldn't faze talented comedian Jimmy Fallon, but then again he is a practical Virgo who is not as carefree as he appears. Managing higher expectations and a heavier workload could take its toll in 2014, when his need for more professional support will grow. Virgo's key to success this coming year is recognizing the difference between the details that matter and those that don't. Letting go of minor matters to focus on the big picture is the smart way to stay on top of the game.

Kim Kardashian (Libra)

Kim Kardashian's freedom needs start kicking hard in the latter part of 2014. She may be a partner-oriented Libra, but hunger for independence could kick up power struggles with partners and family members. Expect surprising, and perhaps even shocking, news this fall. Generally, Libras need to be adaptable, light on their feet, and flexible in their thinking in the New Year. Power struggles, trust issues and questions about reliability can stress relationships that will not change. Take the initiative to update connections instead of letting others lead the way.

Ryan Gosling (Scorpio)

Responsibilities could weigh very heavily when restrictive Saturn joins Ryan Reynold's Sun in late September. Making any significant commitments without considering the potential risks could limit a professional opportunity or take the fun out of a personal relationship. Fortunately, the actor doesn't flinch when facing challenges. Scorpios should take themselves seriously in 2014, but only when it's to achieve a specific purpose. Don't dwell on previous failures, because ambition, discipline and a good plan can take you further than you've ever gone before.

Taylor Swift (Sagittarius)

Super successful Sagittarius Taylor Swift has dreams even bigger than those she has already achieved. Her ambition continues to climb in 2014, which might lead to a rare public misstep. Cautious advisors are needed to ensure that new enterprises don't wind up costing more time, money and effort than anticipated. Sagittarians may need to deal with less than thrilling tasks and limited options until their lucky planet, Jupiter, blasts into fellow Fire sign Leo in mid-July to inspire big plans to learn, teach and travel.

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