Step Up in Style: 8 Unique Step Stools for Your Toddler

8 Step Stools for Your Toddler8 Step Stools for Your ToddlerI'll never forget the moment right after my oldest's first birthday when he pushed a kitchen chair up to the counter and swiped a second cookie from the bag. It was a first: my baby was using his problem-solving skills to get the job done. Never mind that the job at hand was purely of the sugary variety (I've found that there's nothing like the promise of a cookie to motivate the young and old alike). It was amazing to watch the little guy use his noggin like that. And before long, he was refusing offers to help him reach things; he was independent and did not need assistance, thankyouverymuch. The problem was that while he wanted to do things for himself, sometimes the actual climbing was beyond his skill set. What he lacked in coordination he made up for in toddler bravado. My mom bought him a little stool with a handle that he could drag around and boy, did that thing get a few hundred miles on it by his second birthday. It's been fun to watch my younger two reach this toddler milestone as well. Now we have several step stools around the house. My favorite is in an upstairs bathroom - it has a decidedly vintage feel. No matter the style, step stools are great because they give toddlers a sense of independence and autonomy when there are so many things that they're still unable to do on their own. I've rounded up a great collection of toddler-sized step stools, which I believe is one of the staples of the toddler years. Check out these 8 unique step stools for your toddler!

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Walk on a CrocWalk on a Croc1. Walk on a Croc
Your toddler will love using this crocodile step stool to reach the sink!
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Modern SimplicityModern Simplicity2. Modern Simplicity
This simple and modern stool from Ikea can be used long after the toddler years, and it's a bargain at only $14.99!
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Blast Off! Blast Off! 3. Blast Off!
Your toddler will love blasting off with this rocket-shaped step stool that's designed for easy handling by little ones.
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Vintage Step StoolVintage Step Stool4. Vintage Step Stool
I love the simplicity of this vintage step stool. It's perfect for all that toddler climbing!
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Vibrant and CheeryVibrant and Cheery5. Vibrant and Cheery
This bright yellow lends a great pop of color, and its sturdy legs are great for supporting your toddler as she goes about the business of play.
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Personalized for Your ToddlerPersonalized for Your Toddler6. Personalized for Your Toddler
The sleek and modern design of this stool puts a fresh spin on personalized children's items. Don't you love the two-toned stain?
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Pretty in PinkPretty in Pink7. Pretty in Pink
I know that my daughter would love having her very own pink step stool, and this one is just the right shade. I can also imagine her sitting there for hours (OK, minutes) playing with her toys.
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Zebra CutieZebra Cutie8. Zebra Cutie
This adorable little guy is a top seller at Toys R Us, and I can see why. So fun!
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- By Mary L Weimer
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