How to Stop that Running Toilet and More Easier-Than-You-Think Fixes

How to Stop That Running ToiletHow to Stop That Running Toilet
Expert advice for solving seven annoying lavatory problems and other easy repairs to your loo!

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Installing a ToiletInstalling a Toilet
1. Replace your old toilet in just one day with step-by-step help from TOH plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey

2. Say goodbye to that sweaty toilet-a problem in hot, humid summer-by installing a toilet-tank insulator or an antisweat valve

3. Avoid water damage caused by a leaking toilet by installing a new wax ring to create a watertight seal

4. Unclog a toilet like a pro in only 5-10 minutes

5. Quickly replace the tank's worn rubber flapper valve, one of the most annoying plumbing problems, with a pro's foolproof instructions

rocking toilet fixrocking toilet fix
6. Steady that rocker! Richard Trethewey outlines the right way to take the wobble out of your throne

7. Learn to speak toilet by identifying parts and diagnosing problems so you can fix a leaky or runny commode with ease

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