Late-Summer Yard and Garden Upgrades to Extend Your Growing Season

Nix the Labor-Day BluesNix the Labor-Day Blues
Summer's over but don't despair! You can still have a well-groomed lot and enjoy the outdoors well into the fall. There are even a few easy prep steps you can take now for a vibrant landscape come next spring. Here's your late-summer outdoor upkeep guide from the TOH pros.

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Keep Your Lawn LushKeep Your Lawn Lush
Keep Your Lawn Lush. A picture-perfect lawn takes ongoing maintenance. This time of year, weeds aren't the only thing standing between you and the turf of your dreams. You've also got to watch for pests, fungal diseases-and even Fido. Find symptoms and remedies to help you troubleshoot 8 Common Lawn Problems here.

Attract Good BugsAttract Good Bugs
Attract Good Bugs. Your yard is crawling with insects-but not everything that buzzes, creeps, or wriggles is there to decimate your begonias. Some of these bugs will help make your landscape beautiful by serving as pest predators, plant pollinators, and soil aerators. See why you should Meet the Good Bugs and nix chemical pesticides.

Consider Adding These Late-Summer BloomersConsider Adding These Late-Summer Bloomers
Consider Adding These Late-Summer Bloomers. Once the dog days of summer hit, flower gardens generally start looking tired. Colors wash out, edges brown, blossoms become fewer in number. As you're planning next season's garden beds, learn how one pro gardener grows glorious, color-filled beds from June to September in Vibrant Blooming Plants for a Late Summer Garden. She discovered plants and strategies that deliver a brilliant show when the heat is really on!

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