The Sun Enters Aries: Spring Awakening!

The Sun Enters Aries: Spring Awakening!
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and signifies everything new and fresh. Now that the Sun has moved into this energetic sign, a springtime rebirth of mind, body, and spirit is afoot!

One entire zodiac cycle is now complete -- and another one is already underway. The dawn of Aries always brings a surge of new inspiration; indeed, all beginnings start here. You'll feel spring's fresh burst of energy like sprouts breaking through the soil. You'll be ready to take risks and wear your heart on your sleeve. Your unbridled passion and enthusiasm returns, preparing you to embrace all that life has to offer with full fiery presence!

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The Sun's arrival in Aries is always a welcome transit after the dark and murky final days of the Pisces season, when things seem to turn a bit slushy and muddy, just like the end of winter itself. Now you'll suddenly want to be outside, living life al fresco and on the go.

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The most physical sign of the zodiac, Aries is ruled by action planet Mars. This is the time of year when, more than ever, you'll crave physical release, excitement, and new challenges -- not to mention getting back into shape, both physically and spiritually.

A fire has been lit and you're ready to go. Take advantage of Aries' galvanizing energy!

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