The Sun Enters Leo: It's Time to Shine!

The Sun Enters Leo: It's Time to Shine!
Yesterday, July 22, saw the Sun enter its home turf of Leo, bringing themes of creativity and leadership to the forefront of your life. The powerful, life-giving energy of the Sun radiates most strongly in Leo, so now is the time to exert your willpower and take advantage of this solar period's shining enthusiasm!

Leo's placement in your birth chart reveals the areas in which you're naturally gifted with power, authority and presence. Tap into your limitless confidence during this amazing time! Forget about making excuses not to play big -- the Sun will not allow your uniqueness to remain hidden under its powerful and auspicious influence.

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The Sun in Leo also brings a playful quality to your self-expression. You'll be reminded throughout the next month to connect with your own inner divine child, so don't let the grumpy and jaded adult snuff out your dreams! Just as harnessing the generous aspects of the Sun in Leo will help you maintain contact with that childlike wonder, staying in tune with Leo's innocent side will prevent shadowy arrogance and self-importance from rearing its ugly head. After all, there's a fine line between letting yourself shine and seeking constant attention and applause.

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As the Sun moves through its own self-aggrandizing sign during the next month, you may find yourself craving more reassurance and compliments than usual. The lesson during this time, however, is to love yourself and express that love in everything you do, rather than look for validation through external applause. With solar fire fully supporting you now, you'll be able to direct your formidable will with great force.

Stay connected to the mandates of your heart during the Sun's transit through Leo and discover how infinite your potential truly is!

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