The Sun Enters Virgo: Follow Your Bliss!

The Sun Enters Virgo: Follow Your Bliss!
Clarity of purpose is a Virgo hallmark. As the Sun moves into the sign of the Virgin from August 22 through September 22, you'll receive cosmic encouragement to become clear about what you want out of life. And while it's clearly time to follow your bliss, how do you discover what your bliss truly is?

Begin by making a list of your favorite activities. What do you like to do for fun? What do you enjoy reading about -- or daydreaming about? Don't censor yourself! No matter how big or small the experience, write it down. And keep adding to it as you come up with new ideas!

Take as much time as you need to make your list, and have fun with the process. Don't forget to consider new things, as pleasure can sometimes come from unexpected places. After all, if you don't experience something for yourself, you'll never know if you might like it!

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While you're at it, listen to what your heart and body tell you. Your mind can rationalize what you think you should enjoy, but your heart and body will never lie to you. When you do something (or even just imagine doing it), take note of how you breathe. Does the tension in your body increase or decrease? What emotions do you feel? These are important clues to discovering your bliss.

Once you've created your list, look for patterns. Do certain activities suggest that you're happiest when being creative? Or perhaps when you're working with others to achieve a goal? Play with combinations of what you've listed until you arrive at a few key themes. Once you've done this, condense these themes into one or two simple sentences about how you want to live your life. This then becomes the heart of your personal mission statement -- and what you come up with should make your heart sing whenever you read it!

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Finally, place your "bliss mission" where you can see it each and every day. Invoke it before you go to sleep, as well as when you wake up. Share it with others you trust. Let it sink in and become a part of you.

As you begin to follow your bliss, you may encounter agents of anti-change whispering potentially discouraging things like, "This will never work," "You're not good enough," "You don't deserve this." If you hear anything along these lines, you'll know you're heading in the right direction if you simply laugh them off!

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